18 year old Cher Lloyd engaged to her hairdresser boyfriend Craig Monk!

| by Claire Murrey

They say things can move fast in the crazy world of pop music, and no one can testify to this more than pint-sized X-Factor pop star Cher Lloyd. A year ago, she was single and only beginning to make her name in the pop world. Now she’s famous world for her unique brand of squeaky teen pop, and apparently just got engaged to her hairdresser boyfriend Craig Monk, who she recently claimed is “the bees knees.” 18 year old Cher has been spotted wearing an engagement ring on her finger, and has been squawking about her engagement to all and sundry. So what do you think Gossip Bingo fans? Will young love last out, or is 18 too young to be making this type of commitment? Tell us below or in the Gossip Bingo chat rooms, we love a bit of celebrity goss!

cher lloyd xfactor craig monk

18 year old Cher is engaged to her boyfriend Craig Monk




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