Celebrity Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson caught nicking food from Tesco Shocker!

| by Claire Murrey

Here at Gossip Bingo HQ we’re shocked by the news of a big celeb helping himself to the goods in his local Tesco!

Celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson, known as ‘Wozza’ found himself in a bit of a pickle yesterday as he was caught shoplifting wine and cheese at Tesco in Henley. Staff at the supermarket suspected the 60 year old Ready Steady Cook star of shoplifting but to be sure set up a secret camera was in the self-service checkout area. The celebrity chef was seen to put some items through the scanner and not others.  He was caught on camera doing it more than once and finally arrested on January 6th.

Anthony Worrall Thompson stealing from Tescos

Naughty Wozza nicking from Tesco!

Anthony Worrall Thompson set up his first restaurant in 1981 which was a hit with Princess Dianna.  After a string of awards he became a presenter for the popular cookery show Ready Steady Cook in 1994. The dad of four said his behaviour was ‘stupid and irresponsible’ – couldn’t agree with you more Wozza!

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