Cleopatra has her own online slots game and Japanese TV games show!

| by Claire Murrey

Hello there! Claire Murrey reporting for Gossip Bingo from all the way down the Nile, Egypt.  Word is Cleoptra is making a name for herself over in Japan.  Yes, the Egyptian Queen has made a deal with a Japanese production company to have her very own games show called TORE!. Each week a contestant stands against a pole with a wrapping/Mummification machine surrounding her. The slower the contestant answers the questions the more the machine wraps her until she is fully mummified at the end of the game! Even if you don’t understand Japanese (don’t worry I don’t either) you’ll be yelling at her to answer the questions quickly so she isn’t turned into a glorified Mummy!

Play Cleopatra at Gossip Bingo

Enjoy the ancient mysteries of Egypt whilst playing the Cleopatra slot game!

Here at Gossip Bingo we might not be able to turn you into a Mummy (phew I hear you saying), but you can play Cleopatra slots! This multi-line slot will give you the chance to try to spin to win!   3 scatter sphinx symbols will generate 15 automatic free spins! You might have a lucky day if that’s the case!

Play the Cleopatra slot game whilst you chat to your mates in the bingo rooms to add to the excitement!  Play now.

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