Does Cheryl Cole want her cheating man back?

| by Claire Murrey

Despite being cheated on at least 4 times by footie hubby Ashley Cole during their marriage, rumours have it that Cheryl Cole speaks to ex-hubby at least once a day and wants him to prove he can earn her trust.  Ashley, who was on his way to a London nightclub, was in deep conversation with someone on the phone. Could this have been Cheryl checking up on him??  Seems like every time Cheryl doesn’t know where her career will take her she runs back to cheating ex-hubby for comfort!

Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole on the phone to footballer Ashley Cole

Cheryl luv, find yourself a decent bloke!  Would you take back a cheating ex? Let us know in the comments below

Cheryl Cole in happier time

Cheryl Cole- back together with Ashley??

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