Fancy £3,000? Play Easter Cash Bash!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Ah, spring! When all thoughts turn to new beginnings, new hopes, and new loves! Talking of, Gossip Bingo’s got loads of hot bingo promos planned for spring that will have you swooning 24/7. Our biggest bingo promo starts today (lucky you)…it’s our mega bingo jackpot game, Easter Cash Bash!

Easter Cash Bash is a 75 ball bingo game boasting a £3,000 jackpot, and there’s three different cash jackpots to be won: a £300 jackpot for 2TG winners, a £700 jackpot for 1TG winners, and a whopping £2,000 jackpot for that lucky FH winner. Tickets are £1 each and can be prebought now; game plays 1st April.

What’s more, you can boost your chances of winning in Gossip Bingo’s three Supersize your Chances to Win” prebuy games. These 90 ball bingo games are just 1p a ticket, and the winners will get 12 free tickets to Easter Cash Bash. These prebuy games will play on the following dates, so be sure to mark your calendars to be in it to win it:




Gossip Bingo’s got a whole basket full of bingo promos in addition to Easter Cash Bash, like our Women’s Week promo, where players have the chance to win Glamour Magazine subscriptions for every £1 wagered, as well as a fab bonus code that can be used every day throughout the promotion for 60% and 70% bingo bonuses. There’s also our Super Chip Weekend and Easter Weekend, but we’re keeping those hush hush for now. Be sure to check back on the Gossip Bingo Blog often for the latest updates!

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