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| by Brooke Lawrence

Hope you had a lovely weekend, roomies! Here at Gossip Bingo™ we are still relaxing, playing bingo and slots to our heart’s content. But the fun isn’t over yet, roomies..there’s still loads more fun to be had this Sunday!


Have you checked out Gossip Bingo’s smashing selection of free slots and casino games? We’ve got loads of games you can play for free, then once you’ve practiced you can fund to win real cash prizes. We’re always updating our slots and bingo games, so be sure to check back often!


At Gossip Bingo™, you’ll also be pampered with an hourly bonus from 4pm till midnight. That’s right roomies, free bonuses every hour, right here on the hottest bingo site online!


Gossip Bingo free slots and casino games


Looking for some super fun chat games? Pop in for a win today between 3-4pm in Share the Love for some fun with your bingo mates plus free bingo cards! Bingo on the Beer Mug pattern and you could win 5 free bingo cards to Finally it’s Friday, Gossip Bingo’s 90 ball weekly bingo game with a whopping £1,000 guaranteed cash jackpot up for grabs!


You can also play Lazy Sun Day Bingo, which is a special promotion run by all your pals here at Gossip Bingo™. All you have to do is send a photo of what you like to do on Sunday and send it to our promotions team, and you could win a HUGE stash of 5,000 FREE Gossip Bingo bonus points (GP’s!) These points can be traded in for bonus cash, so you can play your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games for free!


That’s right, roomies, more free bingo! At Gossip Bingo, we just love pampering our players, so login now to start playing…and getting rewarded!

Happy Sunday! Jackpot Winners, Free Bingo & More!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s the weekend, and it’s also the first weekend of February! Here at Gossip Bingo™ we closed out the first month of 2014 with a big win – well, one of our players did, that is!


We want to give a great big congratulations to player Becks5900, who won £2,000 on the Big 5 mega bingo jackpot on Thursday. WTG, roomie!


bejeweled slots winner gossip bingo


Start the week off right..tonight! Play Penny Sunday, Gossip Bingo’s most popular 1p bingo game. There’s a £200 guaranteed cash jackpot up for grabs, and with bingo cards just 1p each, everyone can afford to play!


Gossip Bingo™ has also got fun chat games for you to play, like the Sunday Chillout in our Share the Love room. Bingo on the Beer Mug pattern and you could win FREE bingo cards to Finally it’s Friday, Gossip Bingo’s hot weekly jackpot game with a £1,000 guaranteed cash jackpot!


Plus you can also play your favourite Gossip Bingo and slots games on the go when you play from your mobile or tablet. Gossip Bingo™ has gone mobile, so you can win on the go, no matter where you are!


£2014 Mega Bingo Jackpot Winners!

| by Brooke Lawrence

We’re nearly a week in to 2014, and here at Gossip Bingo™ HQ we’re still celebrating! It looks like it’s going to be a lucky year for Gossip Bingo players, and our recent mega bingo jackpot winners will certainly agree!


Gossip Bingo™ would like to give a shout out of congratulations to our £2014 New Year’s Jackpot Winners! WTG, Catwoman133, luckylegs83, Jocky, LuckyJD, and IamLucky1206! (Like we said, roomies, apparently these players really were lucky, LOL)


2014 gossip bingo new years winners


There are loads more guaranteed cash prizes to be won all week long and all this month right here at Gossip Bingo, the hottest free bingo site for juicy celebrity gossip and the very best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games!


Tonight it’s Penny Sunday, where you can win a £200 guaranteed cash prize, all for just 1p per bingo card! Then pop in for a win tomorrow at Makeover Monday, where you can win £300 guaranteed for only 5p per bingo card.


If you’re looking for more guaranteed bingo jackpots at chirpy-cheap bingo prices, be sure to play Gossip Bingo’s™ Cheap & Cheerful bingo games daily, where bingo cards run as low as 3p each and the fixed jackpots are always guaranteed! There’s £300 worth of guaranteed jackpots to be won daily, so don’t miss out!


You can also play free bingo every day at Gossip Bingo in our free bingo rooms, where you can win real cash prizes from free bingo…that’s right, cash jackpots up for grabs at no cost to you!


Remember roomies, you can also play your favourite bingo, slots and instant games at Gossip Bingo™ on the go, 24/7! Play Gossip Bingo on your mobile and tablet and you’ll be winning no matter where you are!

Win £2,014 for a Happy New Year!!!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Tick tock…..we’re counting the hours and minutes till 2014! And here at Gossip Bingo™, you know we’ve got some fab surprises in store for you this year!

Tomorrow (or shall we say, next year, lol) You can play to win the £2,014 guaranteed New Year’s Jackpot. What better way to celebrate the new year than with a guaranteed cash prize for 2014? So start the new year off right and nab your bingo cards now!

2014 guaranteed mega bingo jackpot

Plus, whilst Christmas is over it’s still officially the 12 days of Christmas, and at Gossip Bingo, that means daily free bingo bonuses! Login now to claim yours. Better hurry though, the 12 days of Christmas ends 6 days from now!

Looking to pre-party beforehand? Then head to Tinseltown Tuesday, Gossip Bingo’s™ 90 ball bingo game with a £400 guaranteed cash jackpot. Bingo cards are just 10p and the game plays at 8:30pm, so you’ve got plenty of time before the witching hour (that’s midnight, for those of you not in-the-know).

You can also win free bingo jackpots every day in the Daily Freebie, which plays at 11pm. Why not win some extra bingo jackpots for the new year? Plus, remember at  Gossip Bingo™ there’s loads of guaranteed cash pots to be won every week, so be sure to pop in for a win daily to get yours!

Win Over £5,000 this Weekend at Gossip Bingo!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo™ is having the very best holiday season, so we’re feeling extra generous with bonuses and jackpot games!


The 3 Holly Jolly Jackpot games are officially over, but don’t despair! Here at Gossip Bingo we’ve got more huge guaranteed  cash jackpots for you to win 24/7!


Tonight you can win £600 guaranteed when you play Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, our 90 ball jackpot game. Bingo cards are 25p so get yours now to be in for a win! Then start off your Friday evening with another guaranteed bingo jackpot – Finally it’s Friday. There’s a whopping £1,000 cash prize on offer!

Gossip Bingo Holiday Jackpots

Best of all, just 2 hours later is the Big 5, Gossip Bingo’s™ monthly mega bingo jackpot with a £5,000 cash jackpot up for grabs!


That’s not all, roomies! Starting today, it’s 12 Days of Bonuses here at Gossip Bingo! That means that every day that you login to the site to make a deposit, you’ll get a free surprise bingo bonus! It’s 12 days of Christmas with free bonuses for our fabulous Gossip Bingo™ players!


What’s more, on New Year’s Day – 1st January, to be exact – we have another guaranteed mega bingo jackpot game. It’s the £2,014 New Year’s Jackpot! Grab your bingo cards now and start off the new year with a big win!


Finally, don’t forget to vote for Gossip Bingo at Bingoport.co.uk! We’ve been nominated as “Best Overall Bingo Site,” and we need your help to win! If you vote and we win, Gossip Bingo plans on throwing a huge bingo bash to celebrate, and you’ll be rewarded!


We’ve been nominated as Best Overall Bingo Site because our players love our dazzling variety of bingo, slots, and instant games, plus juicy celebrity gossip, all under one roof! Our chat games are super fun and friendly, and you can win fab prizes every day! So be sure to vote for Gossip Bingo as Best Overall Bingo Site at Bingoport, and ring in a whole new season of success for everyone!


Merry Xmas: Holiday Jackpots & Bonuses from Gossip Bingo!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Christmas is almost here, roomies! We here at Gossip Bingo™ are proud to present our last guaranteed Christmas mega bingo jackpot, Santa’s Treasure, which features a £2,000 guaranteed cash jackpot!


Santa’s Treasure is all part of Gossip Bingo’s Xmas Xtravaganza – 3 mega bingo jackpots, loads of free bonus points, and fun chat parties where you can win amazing prizes for the holidays!


Tomorrow, play Santa’s Treasure to win a share of £2,000 guaranteed. Plus, for every 10 bingo cards you buy to the game, you’ll get 3 FREE bingo cards to the £2,014 New Year’s guaranteed bingo jackpot! This fab bingo game plays New Year’s day (1st January) so be there for your chance to ring in the new year with a £2,014 cash prize!

gossip bingo xmas jackpots

Want to win MORE jackpots? Play the Big 5, Gossip Bingo’s £5,000 monthly mega bingo jackpot, which plays the last Friday of every month. That’s Friday night, roomies! Game plays at 10:30pm and bingo cards are 30p apience. Nab yours now for your chance to win the cash prize!


Gossip Bingo™ has even more goodies for you for the holidays, roomies! Celebrate the season with 12 days of bonuses, starting Wednesday, Christmas Day. Every day that you login and deposit a minimum of £10, you’ll get a fabulous free surprise bingo bonus! What bingo bonus will you get today? Login to deposit at Gossip Bingo and find out!


Finally, as you know Gossip Bingo has been nominated by famous bingo portal Bingoport in the category of “Best Overall Bingo Site.” We couldn’t be happier…unless we win, and you can help us get there! Vote for Gossip Bingo™ on Bingoport.co.uk now (in the Best Overall Bingo Site Category), and if we win we’re going to pamper you, all of our amazing players!


Have a Happy Holiday Season from all of us here at Gossip Bingo, the hottest free bingo site for bingo, slots, and celebrity gossip!

Gossip Bingo Nominated as Best Bingo Site 2013!

| by Brooke Lawrence


 Yes, you read right, roomies! Gossip Bingo™ has been nominated by top bingo portal Bingoport.co.uk as The Best Overall Bingo Site of 2013!


Now you can play a part in helping Gossip Bingo claim the prize, by showing your support and voting for Gossip Bingo at Bingoport today!


All you have to do is click on this link, go to the “Best Overall Bingo Site” drop down menu, and click on Gossip Bingo (it’s the 2nd to last choice). Then simply fill in your email address at the bottom and voila! It’s that easy….and you’ll be helping Gossip Bingo™ get one step closer to claiming the title as Best Overall Bingo Site 2013!

Best Bingo Site 2013 Gossip Bingo

What does Best Overall Bingo Site mean? Simply put, everything about Gossip Bingo – from our bingo game selction to our stunning variety of slots, our free bingo, our chat games and all of our many bonus incentives – are the very best out there.


This month for Christmas, be sure to take part in Gossip Bingo’s™ Xmas Xtravaganza, and you could win a total of £4,500 guaranteed! Plus there are loads and loads of extra free Gossip Bingo bonus points (GP’s) waiting for you every day that you login to the site, and fun Xmas chat parties where you can win free bingo cards, GP’s, chocolates and other surprises.


Plus don’t forget that at Gossip Bingo you can play free bingo 24/7, in our free bingo rooms! Plus with all your free GP’s, you can use your free bonus cash to play even more free bingo games!


Tongiht, be sure to pop in for a (cheap) win, because it’s Penny Sunday! There’s a £200 guaranteed cash prize up for grabs, and at just 1p per bingo card, everyone can afford to play!


Sunday Fun at Gossip Bingo!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Fun goodies for you this Sunday and every Sunday at  Gossip Bingo™! There’s 1p bingo, fun chat games, free bingo and loads of other fun surprises for you!


Play Penny Sunday tonight at  8:30pm to win a £200 guaranteed cash jackpot, all for just 1p per bingo card!


Then be sure to send us a photo of what you like doing best on Sundays. If we choose your photo, you could win a whopping stash of 5,000 FREE Gossip Bonus points for Lazy Sun Day Bingo! Just send your photo to community@gossipbingo.com for your chance to win!


sun day bingo at Gossip Bingo


Remember, this month at Gossip Bingo be sure to take part in our Xmas Xtravaganza, where you can win up to £4,500 worth of guaranteed bingo jackpots, win loads of free bonus points, free bingo cards and more!


Play Gossip’s Jolly Jackpots to win guaranteed cash prizes all month long. The next game is  the Jingle Bells Jackpot and it plays this week, 18th December. There’s a £1,500 cash jackpot on offer. Best of all, for every 10 bingo cards you buy, you’ll win 3 free tickets to the £2,014 New Year’s jackpot game!


There are also fun chat games every day, called Xmas Parties where you can win loads of fab prizes like coins, bonuses, chocolates and more. And don’t forget, when you login to Gossip Bingo™ every day, you’ll get “Santa’s Gifts”, which are loads and loads of FREE bonus points (GPs) which you can use as bingo cash to play your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games!


So be sure to play at Gossip Bingo every Sunday and every day to get pampered with loads of fab goodies!


The X Factor has Come to Gossip Bingo…Do You Have What it Takes?!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Here at the Gossip Bingo™ HQ, we’re going gaga over the X Factor! And this week is the X Factor finals, so we’re celebrating in signature Gossip Bingo style – by pampering you, our fabulous players!


Join in the X Factor Xtravaganza by playing X Factor Slots and our  X Factor Scratch Card game. You can not only win huge cash jackpots, but you’ll get 100 wagered on either of these games! It makes no difference if you win or lose, you’ll still get cashback on your X Factor instant game wagers.


X Factor Cashback Gossip Bingo


Plus don’t forget to claim your £6 FREE bingo bonus this weekend every day till Sunday (no bonus code needed!), or a £7 free bingo bonus if you’re a Gossip Bingo VIP player.


Talking of X Factor, who do you think will win? This year’s finalists are Nicholas McDonald,  Sam Bailey and Luke Friend. They are all equally talented yet different performers, and we at Gossip Bingo can’t decide who we think should win! All 3 contestants seem deserving of the title. Whatever happens, we hope that all 3 go on to success in the industry…they’ve certainly proven themselves and clearly audiences everywhere agree!


X Factor Finalists 2013

Whilst we’re on the subject of winners, remember that tis the season for winning here at Gossip Bingo™ with our Xmas Xtravaganza! We’ve got £4,500 for you to win by playing our 3 Jolly Jackpot games, and for every 10 tickets you buy to the game you’ll win 3 FREE bingo cards to the £2,014 New Year’s Jackpot!


Plus every day that you login to Gossip Bingo you’ll get Santa’s Gifts, which are loads and loads of free Gossip Bingo Bonus Points (GPs) which you can use to play your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games. That means you get to play free bingo, at no cost to you!


So come celebrate the X Factor and Xmas fun this week here at the hottest gossip hotspot and free bingo site online, Gossip Bingo™!

Santa’s Got Gifts…& Cash Jackpots for You!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Santa has officially come to Gossip Bingo™, and he has got loads of holiday goodies for you!

As you know, as part of Gossip Bingo’s Xmas Xtravaganza, we’ve got 3 guaranteed mega bingo jackpots to be won this month, totalling a whopping £4,500. Tomorrow here we’re hosting our first Jolly Jackpot game – the Jingle Bells mega bingo jackpot!


There’s a £1,000 guaranteed cash prize up for grabs, to be shared by 5 winners: 1 line winner will take home £150, the 2 line winner will get £250, the 3 line winner will walk away with a flus £350, and the 2tg and 1tg winners will each get £100 and £150, respectively.


Gossip Bingo Xmas Gifts


In addition to our 3 juicy jackpot games, Santa’s also got gifts for you! Login daily to claim your FREE gifts from Father Christmas, which are loads and loads of FREE Gossip Bingo bonus points (GP’s). You can earn up to 500 FREE GP’s daily!


Remember, the more free GP’s you have, the more free bingo games you can play, because bonus points can be used as cash to play your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games. So keep logging in daily to keep collection your free bonus points, and you’ll be able to play free bingo 24/7!


Plus, from tomorrow we’re also giving you a very merry bingo bonus! You’ll get a free £6 bonus every day on your first deposit of the day, no bonus code needed! That means you could get up to £500 worth of free bingo bonuses!


You can also win more holiday goodies every day in the Gossip Bingo chat rooms, where we’ve got fab gifts up for grab.  It’s part of Gossip Bingo’s Xmas Parties, so be sure to join in the fun and play our hot chat games!