Get your skates on Pam! Why did Pamela Anderson really get voted off Dancing on Ice?

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, are you already obsessed with Dancing on Ice like we are at Gossip Bingo??  I tell you…we can’t play a game of bingo without having a natter about it, and poor Pamela Anderson is definitely a hot topic of conversation at the mo! The 45 year-old Baywatch beauty was the first to be sent packing -ouch, never fun to be the first to go! So why does Pamela Anderson think she got voted off?? Well she’s blaming it on her wardrobe malfunction -oopsy!

Gossip Bingo sad to see Pamela Anderson kicked off Dancing on Ice

Pamela Anderson found it difficult keeping her clothes on during her performance!


When asked if she’d ever go on a reality show again the Hollywood starlet said noooooo way! Reality shows just ain’t for her! So what’s next for the blonde bombshell?? Maybe she should relax at home and play a spot of freebingo games with Gossip Bingo!! And i’m sure she’d love to win the Celebrity Makeover prize jackpot game!

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