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| by Brooke Lawrence

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Talking of makeovers, looks like fallen star Lindsay Lohan could use one. The troubled starlet looked a bit knackered in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday.

The actress faces charges of reckless driving, lying to the police and obstructing a police investigation during her June 2012 car accident. Lohan pleaded not guilty to all charges, and a trial date has been set for 18th March.

Lohan looks far older than her 26 years. Gossip Bingo thinks she could use the Celebrity Makeover Jackpot!

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Can Lance Armstrong Make A Comeback?

| by Brooke Lawrence

Had a rough 2012? Think about Lance Armstrong – that’ll put things in perspective, roomies! It’s been a realllly rough coupula months for the former billion-dollar athlete.

In the 3-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey last week, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong finally came clean about doping – drug use while competing in professional athletic events like the Tour de France.


Lance Armstrong, in happier times (left) and in his interview with Oprah last week (right)


The USADA and WADA have put a lifetime ban on Armstrong after the agencies revealed the truth about the athlete’s use of drugs for over a decade in order to improve his performance in competitions. Armstrong previously denied using performance-enhancing drugs and said he finally came clean because he could no longer lie to his children.

His credibility shot, Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and was forced to step down as chairman of the LiveStrong foundation. He would like to compete in future athletic events such as marathons, but right now, officials say, Armstrong doens’t have much of a chance.

But Armstrong may be able to make a comeback if he discloses all information about his doping, including who supplied him with the drugs in the past. Poor Lance!

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What do you think, roomies, should Lance Armstrong be allowed back in competitive sport?Do you think the punishment was a bit harsh? Share your thoughts and you could win some serious GP’s!

Iron Lady goes for Gold at the Oscars!

| by Claire Murrey

WD to all the winners at last night’s Oscar ceremony! Meryl Streep has another little statue to add to her shelf, winning Best Actress for Iron Lady whilst The Artist and Hugo scooped up a massive 5 awards each including the big three for Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture!  At least George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s bromance will remain in-tact as both went home empty handed.

WTG from Gossip Bingo to all the Oscar winners

Oscar winners gladly accept their golden statue

Gossip Bingo can’t talk about the Oscars without talking about the red carpet fashionMichelle Williams looked stunning in a red tiered Louis Vuitton dress; same can’t be said for Sandra Bullock looking a bit on the dull side in two-tone dress by Marchesa.

Gossip Bingo 24/7 free bingo and great celebrity chat

Michelle Williams was a red carpet hit while Sandra Bullock was a red carpet miss!

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X Factor judge Tulisa and N-Dubz boyfriend Fazer split!

| by Claire Murrey

It appears January isn’t quite the promising start to 2012 celeb couples were hoping for.  Following the paths of Johnny and Vanessa and Heidi and Seal, N-Dubz bandmates Tulisa and Fazer have also decided to end their 18-month relationship.  The couple, who have known each other since forming N-Dubz in their early teenage years, fell out during a recent holiday in the Maldives and since then can’t stand the sight of each other.  Could he be jealous of her rise to fame thanks to successfully guiding Little Mix to stardom in X Factor, or is she jealous over his friendship with Chloe Green?    Whatever the reason she’s not staying at home crying of a broken heart; she’s been going out to clubs with her girlfriends in London.

Tulisa and Fazer N Dubz breakup

She’s broken up with her bloke-but seems unFAZED!


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Johnny and Vanessa no longer in Paradis?

| by Claire Murrey

We were hoping Johnny Depp and partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis were going to be a shining example to celebs that you can be famous and be in a committed relationship, but it looks like they’re following the paths of many celebs into splitsville! The French actress wasn’t on the arm of her leading man at the Golden Globes on Sunday; in fact she was nowhere to be seen, while Johnny Depp was seen to be looking sad and scruffy.

jonny depp split up vanessa paradis

Jonny Depp, sad and alone at the Golden Globes 2011

The couple, who have two kids together, Lily-Rose 12 and Jack 9, are believed to be living in different locations in LA.  The children live with Vanessa while Jonny travels around the world filming.  Could the long distance be the cause for their unofficial breakup? Could you stay in a long distance relationship?

johnny depp and vanessa paradis- together for 14 years

Johnny and Vanessa- heading for a split after 14 years together

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Does Cheryl Cole want her cheating man back?

| by Claire Murrey

Despite being cheated on at least 4 times by footie hubby Ashley Cole during their marriage, rumours have it that Cheryl Cole speaks to ex-hubby at least once a day and wants him to prove he can earn her trust.  Ashley, who was on his way to a London nightclub, was in deep conversation with someone on the phone. Could this have been Cheryl checking up on him??  Seems like every time Cheryl doesn’t know where her career will take her she runs back to cheating ex-hubby for comfort!

Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole on the phone to footballer Ashley Cole

Cheryl luv, find yourself a decent bloke!  Would you take back a cheating ex? Let us know in the comments below

Cheryl Cole in happier time

Cheryl Cole- back together with Ashley??

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Ryan Giggs get’s dissed by his brother, BIG TIME!

| by Claire Murrey

Ryan Giggs, 38, might be a great footballer but his younger brother Rhodri, 34 clearly doesn’t rate him for having an 8 year affair with Rhodri’s wife Natasha.  Last night poor Rhodri, who has kept to himself about his brother’s affair with his wife until now, last night revealed for the first time how he felt about his bro, saying “the man is nothing but a worm.” Don’t hold back now mate!

ryan giggs rhodri giggs

Ryan Giggs- not such a nice Celebrity Big Brother!

Meanwhile his wife Natasha, who claimed she was desperate for his forgiveness, is off snogging random blokes on Celebrity Big brother. Not a good idea love.  Would you be able to forgive a family member for betraying you? Has your opinion of Ryan Giggs changed since the story broke?

that girl can't keep her hands to herself!

Natasha Giggs, also tried to get her hands on Kirk from TOWIE

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Celebrity Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson caught nicking food from Tesco Shocker!

| by Claire Murrey

Here at Gossip Bingo HQ we’re shocked by the news of a big celeb helping himself to the goods in his local Tesco!

Celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson, known as ‘Wozza’ found himself in a bit of a pickle yesterday as he was caught shoplifting wine and cheese at Tesco in Henley. Staff at the supermarket suspected the 60 year old Ready Steady Cook star of shoplifting but to be sure set up a secret camera was in the self-service checkout area. The celebrity chef was seen to put some items through the scanner and not others.  He was caught on camera doing it more than once and finally arrested on January 6th.

Anthony Worrall Thompson stealing from Tescos

Naughty Wozza nicking from Tesco!

Anthony Worrall Thompson set up his first restaurant in 1981 which was a hit with Princess Dianna.  After a string of awards he became a presenter for the popular cookery show Ready Steady Cook in 1994. The dad of four said his behaviour was ‘stupid and irresponsible’ – couldn’t agree with you more Wozza!

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