Johnny and Vanessa no longer in Paradis?

| by Claire Murrey

We were hoping Johnny Depp and partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis were going to be a shining example to celebs that you can be famous and be in a committed relationship, but it looks like they’re following the paths of many celebs into splitsville! The French actress wasn’t on the arm of her leading man at the Golden Globes on Sunday; in fact she was nowhere to be seen, while Johnny Depp was seen to be looking sad and scruffy.

jonny depp split up vanessa paradis

Jonny Depp, sad and alone at the Golden Globes 2011

The couple, who have two kids together, Lily-Rose 12 and Jack 9, are believed to be living in different locations in LA.  The children live with Vanessa while Jonny travels around the world filming.  Could the long distance be the cause for their unofficial breakup? Could you stay in a long distance relationship?

johnny depp and vanessa paradis- together for 14 years

Johnny and Vanessa- heading for a split after 14 years together

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