Our £10,000 Jackpot is about to break!

| by Sandra James


Quick! Get your cards before it’s too late! Gossip Bingo’s £10,000 Mega Jackpot is happening THIS SATURDAY!

Jackpot Jane and the whole Gossip Bingo Team are gearing up for this mega jackpot. Head to GossipBingo.com now and get your cards before they’re gone. Don’t miss your chance to win £10,000 – just think, you could be £10,000 richer in just a few days! Sounds pretty fab if you ask me.

Weekend Bingo Bonuses

 Blue Players: Claim 40% Thursday and Friday, and 50% Saturday

Bronze Players: Claim 50% Thursday and Friday, and 60% Saturday

VIP Players: Claim 70% Thursday and Friday, and 100% Saturday

** Deposit just £10 and use code RED

Sunday Special

Blue Players: Claim 50%

Bronze Players: Claim 60%
VIP Players: Claim 100%

** Deposit just £10 and use code CUP

£10,000 Mega Jackpot PLUS World Cup Finals – this weekend is going to be pretty fab! Good luck!


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