Rihanna and Chris Brown back together again!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi Roomies, we’ve got a juicy celebrity scoop for you! Remember 3 years ago when r&b singer Chris Brown assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna and the 23 year-old bad boy was put on probation for the attack?? Well now it looks like the two have reconciled and are set to go public with their relationship in November! How could she get back together with him we hear you asking -we don’t know roomies!  Despite the attack she confessed to the talk show queen (Oprah of course) that she “still loves him” and was worried people would think he was a monster after the assault…mmmm well let’s just say we weren’t Chris’ biggest fans!

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together? Gossip Bingo set to find out the truth!

Rihanna still loves her ex despite the attack back in 2009!

What do you think roomies?  Can she trust him again?  Do you think he can change? Let us know!

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