Stylish monkey goes shopping in IKEA!

| by Claire Murrey

You’ll never believe roomies, a monkey wearing a stylish winter coat was found roaming the aisles of IKEA in Toronto on Sunday! Wonder what he wanted to buy…maybe a new wardrobe for his fashionable clothes:)  Animal rescue services managed to corner the rhesus macaque…you reckon they told him to stop monkeying around -lol!

Cute stylish monkey found in Ikea, Toronoto doing a spot of Xmas shopping

Darwin makes his way to Ikea in Toronto!

Turns out the owners of the little cutie came forward after the incident. They are now looking at a $240 fine for having an illegal pet.  The poor monkey was so scared -not surprised with people surrounding him and taking pictures -not sure he fancies the celebrity lifestyle! The owner, who called the monkey Darwin is fighting to regain custody of the pet she considers family.

Monkey shopping for Xmas in Ikea

Darwin dressed in a stylish coat and nappy raoms the aisles of Ikea

Do you think the owner should be allowed to keep Darwin?

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