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Grab your FREE HalloWIN Tickets!

| by Brooke Lawrence

How time flies when you’re having fun and playing bingo and slots! At Gossip Bingo™, we’re warming up the month of October with loads of fun goodies for you, like cash back, weekend bonuses and of course our highly-anticipated £5,000 guaranteed HalloWIN mega bingo jackpot!


As you know, bingo cards to this exciting bingo game are £1 each, but you’ve got 2 ways to win free tickets to the big event. And one of those ways is coming YOUR way tomorrow night at 10pm!


We’re talking about Supersize your Chance to Win, Gossip Bingo’s 90 ball prebuy bingo game that costs just 1p per bingo card to play. The prize? Up to 12 free bingo cards to HalloWIN!


prebuy bingo games


You can prebuy your bingo cards to tomorrow night’s Supersize your Chance to Win game right now. Remember, roomies, you could be walking away with free tickets, and all for just 1p per bingo card!


You can also win free bingo cards to the £5,000 HalloWIN mega bingo jackpot by wagering at least £100 on either Bloodlines Slots or Casper’s Mystery Mirror Slots. These spooky slot games are fun to play with 98% payout rates, and for every £100 wagered you’ll nab yourself 1 free ticket to HalloWIN!


Plus don’t forget that today is Gossip Bingo’s™ Penny Sunday, where you’ve got the chance to win a £200 guaranteed jackpot all for just 1p per bingo card! Be sure to pop in tomorrow night before the 90 ball Supersize your Chance to Win prebuy came to play Makeover Monday, where you can win a £300 cash jackpot!


And if you’re looking to easily win loads of free GP’s (That’s Gossip Points, for you!) be sure to take part in Lazy Sun Day Bingo and send us a photo of yourself doing what you love doing on Sundays, whether it’s relaxing at home, cooking, gardening, or playing your favourite bingo and slots games at Gossip Bingo. Email us the photo and you could win 5,000 GP’s!

Win FREE Tickets to HalloWIN!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo™ is celebrating autumn with our £5,000 guaranteed HalloWIN jackpot game! Every player can purchase up to 36 tickets to the game, which means you have a better chance of winning the £5,000 cash prize!


You can start prebuying your tickets to this mega bingo jackpot now, and you can also win free tickets to the game in 2 different ways!

5000 hallowin jackpot

The first way to win free tickets is to play the Supersize your Chances to Win 90 ball prebuy games, which play all month long on these dates: 7th October, 14th October, 21st October and 28th October.  Bingo cards to this prebuy game are just 1p each, and there are 12 free tickets up for grabs at every game! (1 line winner gets 2 bingo cards, 2 line winner gets 4 bingo cards, and the full house winner takes home 6 bingo cards!)


Love slot games? Then this is the best way for you to win free bingo cards to HalloWIN! Simply play Gossip Bingo’s spookiest slot games, Casper’s Mystery Mirror and Bloodlines. For every £100 wagered, you’ll get one free ticket to the £5,000 guaranteed jackpot!


What’s more, Gossip Bingo™ is also giving you a free bonus code for the weekend! Just use code WIN for your free 60% bonus, or a 70% free bingo bonus if you’re a Gossip Bingo VIP player. Code WIN  can be used once daily until 6th October, so start using it today to claim your free bingo bonuses!


Remember roomies, there’s also loads of dosh to be won all weekend in Weekend Wonga, playing in the Access All Areas room. There’s £2,400 to be won every weekend, so be sure to play to win some serious dosh!


Last Chance to Win FREE Cash & Get Free Daily Bonuses!

| by Brooke Lawrence

September is coming to a close, roomies, which means there are only 2 days left to grab your crazy daily bonuses and win guaranteed cash on Everyone’s a Winner here at Gossip Bingo!


Gossip Bingo™ has been celebrating all month long by giving YOU super generous rewards! You can still play Everyone’s a Winner until tomorrow evening. This guaranteed jackpot game has a £100 cash prize. The winner takes £50 jackpot and all other roomies who bought tickets split a share of the other £50. So even if you don’t win the guaranteed cash prize, you’re still guaranteed a win! The game plays tonight and tomorrow night at 10pm, so be there to win your share!


last chance to win guaranteed jackpots just for buying tickets!


What’s more, you can still grab your daily free bingo bonus with free bonus code CRAZY to get a whopping 100% FREE bingo bonus! That’s right roomies, a 100% free bingo bonus on your next deposit at Gossip Bingo!


Plus don’t forget tonight is Penny Sunday, Gossip Bingo’s™ 1p bingo game where you can win a £200 cash jackpot, all for just 1p per bingo card! Be sure to pop by tomorrow for Makeover Monday, the 90 ball bingo game with a £300 cash prize up for grabs.


Finally, check out Gossip Bingo’s Jumping Jackpots! There are over 50 fabulous guaranteed jackpots to be won every single day, totaling over £11,000 every week! Just be sure to be in the room at least five minutes before the game starts, as these fun games aren’t prebuys!


Remember, at Gossip Bingo™ you get rewarded daily, so be sure to play for your chance to win loads of lovely cash prizes!

Everybody Wins….FREE Gossip Bingo Points!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo™ is celebrating Everyone’s a Winner all month long, where every ticket to this fabulous bingo game wins…no matter what!


Bingo cards to the 75 ball bingo game Everyone’s a Winner are just 1p each, and the game plays every night at 10pm all month long. You’ve got the chance to take home a £50 cash jackpot, but if you don’t win, you’ll still get a share of another £50 cash prize! That means that no matter what, you’ll definitely win some dosh when you play this game, and all for just 1p per bingo card!


sunday funday


Plus, today is Sunday which at Gossip Bingo means it’s time for extra fun and extra goodies!


It’s Lazy Sun Day at Gossip Bingo! What do you do on a Sunday? Email Gossip Bingo™ a picture of what you do on a typical Sunday, whether it’s working, playing bingo, chatting with your mates, gardening, cooking, etc. and you could win up to 5,000 Gossip Bingo loyalty points! That’s right, just for emailing us a picture of what you do on Sundays!


Tonight is also Penny Sunday, Gossip Bingo’s™  1p bingo game with a £200 cash prize! This fun bingo game plays every Sunday at 8:30 pm, and for just 1p per bingo card everyone can afford to play!


Tomorrow is Makeover Monay, which means you can win a fab £300 cash prize for just 5p per bingo card!


Be sure to play these games and Everyone’s a Winner every night to always win a share of the jackpot, all month long!


Supersize Your Chance to Win £3,000,000!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo’s Birthday is over, but we’re ready to welcome in another huge mega bingo jackpot…Super Millionaire!


That’s right roomies, Super Millionaire is back at Gossip Bingo™! This 75 ball mega bingo jackpot offers up a staggering £3,000,000 jackpot! Game plays 13th July at 9:30pm, so we’ll see you there!




Super Millionaire bingo cards are £1 and you can buy yours now, and you can also win FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire in Gossip Bingo’s™ Supersize your Chance to win games!


Supersize Your Chance to Win are a series of 90 ball bingo prebuy games. Bingo cards to these bingo prebuys are just 1p each, and the winners receive FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire!


Supersize Your Chance to Win plays 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June and 7th July at 10pm. You can win up to 12 FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire at each game! So get your bingo cards now to Supersize YOUR Chance to win £3,000,000!


What’s more, Gossip Bingo is giving all funded players a FREE bingo bonus this weekend! Just use code MIL to get a free 60% bingo bonus (70% for VIPs) to be used once daily through Sunday!


Remember roomies, tonight is Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, where you can win £600 cash at 90 ball bingo! Want more? Play Finally It’s Friday to win a whopping £1,000 bingo jackpot!



Then play Soapstar Saturday to nab another cool £600 from 90 ball bingo, followed by some 1p bingo fun with Penny Sunday. With so much cash to be won, you can play fab bingo at Gossip Bingo™ through the whole weekend!