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Celebrity shock: JLS split! They are always welcome to get together at Gossip Bingo!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, some sad celebrity gossip for you this morn….i’m sure you’ve heard the rumours and unfortunately they’re true, boy-band JLS are splitting up! After finding fame on the X-Factor in 2009, they’ve gone on to sell over 10 million records, had five No. 1 singles, No. 1 album and won loads of awards including the BRIT Awards for British Breakthrough and British Single. Oh wow JLS, that’s a great achievement!

Gossip Bingo roomies will be sad to hear about JLS split!

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WTG to Gossip Bingo roomie Kathy Guiver on winning £1,000!!!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi everyone, great news to share! 2013 started off fantastic for many of our fab roomies, especially for Kathy Guiver who won full house playing the £2013 New Years bingo jackpot game and took home a whopping £1,000!! Yay WTG Kathy!! Here’s what Kathy had to say about her amazing win: “I was so thrilled to win, it has made a brilliant start to 2013. I had actually forgotten I’d bought tickets until I woke up the next morning and thought I’d have a quick play on the fluffy favourite slots. Thankyou very much gossip bingo you are the best.”

Exciting news for our Gossip Bingo winner Kathy Guiver

Awww thanks Kathy! lol roomies maybe the secret to winning is to forget you bought your bingo cards! You should try that for the Finally it’s Friday £1,000 GUARANTEED jackpot game this Friday at 8pm and let us know if you won! Now that would be a terrific surprise!

WTG Kathy, here’s to many more wins at Gossip Bingo!

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Goooood luck,

Claire x

3rd time lucky for Katie Price? GL GL GL

| by Claire Murrey

Glamour model Katie Price may have split from fiance Lianna Penne only 11 weeks ago but looks like she’s already moved on and found herself another potential hubby with stripper boyfriend Kieran Hayler.  The 25 year-old proposed to mum-of-3 over (who is by the way 9 years older) on Xmas Day -classy Katie!

Katie Price to marry for 3rd time!

Will Katie Price be saying I do for a 3rd time?

If she makes it down the aisle this will be hubby number 3! First she was married to Peter Andre who dumped her in 2009. Then she married cage fighter Alex Reid who she dumped just 11 months after saying “I do”, oh and she’s been engaged twice! Well good luck to you both, just make sure you’ve signed your pre-nup!

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All I want for Christmas is the £2013 New Year’s jackpot!

| by Claire Murrey

Mariah Carey‘s All I Want for Christmas is without a doubt a Gossip Bingo Xmas fave -we never get tired of listening to her 1994 hit song! I bet she sings it to her adorable 20-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan over the holiday season!  The 42 year-old singer looked like she was having a lovely Xmas with the kids and toy-boy hubby, 32 year-old Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon share an intimate moment with their fam

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey enjoying fam time over the holiday season


The power couple have a hectic workload, especially now that the Mrs. is a judge on the hit reality show American Idol -don’t feel bad for her, she’s reported to earn a cool $18 mil, that’s almost £12 mil!!

The Carey-Cannon fam spent time playing in the snow this Xmas season

Fun in the snow with the Carey – Cannons

The glamorous fam spent quality time together in Aspen, having snowball fights, dinner parties…you know, like any regular family does.  So what else could the notorious diva want for Xmas? I know! For sure she wants to win the GUARANTEED £2013 New Year’s bingo jackpot!!! But we want you to win so make sure you pre-buy your £2013 New Year’s bingo tickets now, the more you buy the bigger your chance to win!

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Dawn French is looking lovely! WTG hun!

| by Claire Murrey

We’ve all been talking about our New Year’s Resolutions, including lots of us trying to lose that extra pound or two, so we’d like to send a big Gossip Bingo WTG to actress Dawn French. She’s dropped a massive eight stone! The French and Saunders Star appeared on This Morning  looking lovely in a black dress with a splash of brightly coloured love hearts, making a change from her usual all black ensemble.  The comedian talked about her kiss with the gorgeous Michael Buble on his Christmas Show, Home for Christmas, last year and possible upcoming plans to host Simon Cowell’s new cookery show.  Even though Dawn is getting a bit fed up talking about her weight loss we can’t get over how great she looks!

dawn french weight loss

Doesn’t Dawn look great! WTG hun!

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Amanda Holden home safe and sound with baby Hollie after life-threatening childbirth ordeal

| by Claire Murrey

So what are we talking about in the Gossip Bingo chat rooms other than our amazing 24/7 free bingo? Celebrity babies of course! Amanda Holden is thrilled to have returned home after giving birth to baby Hollie Rose 8 days ago.  The Britain’s Got Talent judge spent several days in intensive care following a massive amount of blood loss due to a complicated labour.

Amanda Holden home with new baby

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It’s been a tough year for 40 year old Amanda after delivering her still born son when she was seven months and spent a few days in intensive care following her emergency cesarean. Amanda and husband Chris are said to be besotted with their two gorgeous daughters Lexi, 6 and Holli Rose.  Simon Cowell tweeted he was “thrilled” for his co-star! We wish you and your family the best Amanda!

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X Factor judge Tulisa and N-Dubz boyfriend Fazer split!

| by Claire Murrey

It appears January isn’t quite the promising start to 2012 celeb couples were hoping for.  Following the paths of Johnny and Vanessa and Heidi and Seal, N-Dubz bandmates Tulisa and Fazer have also decided to end their 18-month relationship.  The couple, who have known each other since forming N-Dubz in their early teenage years, fell out during a recent holiday in the Maldives and since then can’t stand the sight of each other.  Could he be jealous of her rise to fame thanks to successfully guiding Little Mix to stardom in X Factor, or is she jealous over his friendship with Chloe Green?    Whatever the reason she’s not staying at home crying of a broken heart; she’s been going out to clubs with her girlfriends in London.

Tulisa and Fazer N Dubz breakup

She’s broken up with her bloke-but seems unFAZED!


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Johnny and Vanessa no longer in Paradis?

| by Claire Murrey

We were hoping Johnny Depp and partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis were going to be a shining example to celebs that you can be famous and be in a committed relationship, but it looks like they’re following the paths of many celebs into splitsville! The French actress wasn’t on the arm of her leading man at the Golden Globes on Sunday; in fact she was nowhere to be seen, while Johnny Depp was seen to be looking sad and scruffy.

jonny depp split up vanessa paradis

Jonny Depp, sad and alone at the Golden Globes 2011

The couple, who have two kids together, Lily-Rose 12 and Jack 9, are believed to be living in different locations in LA.  The children live with Vanessa while Jonny travels around the world filming.  Could the long distance be the cause for their unofficial breakup? Could you stay in a long distance relationship?

johnny depp and vanessa paradis- together for 14 years

Johnny and Vanessa- heading for a split after 14 years together

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Ryan Giggs get’s dissed by his brother, BIG TIME!

| by Claire Murrey

Ryan Giggs, 38, might be a great footballer but his younger brother Rhodri, 34 clearly doesn’t rate him for having an 8 year affair with Rhodri’s wife Natasha.  Last night poor Rhodri, who has kept to himself about his brother’s affair with his wife until now, last night revealed for the first time how he felt about his bro, saying “the man is nothing but a worm.” Don’t hold back now mate!

ryan giggs rhodri giggs

Ryan Giggs- not such a nice Celebrity Big Brother!

Meanwhile his wife Natasha, who claimed she was desperate for his forgiveness, is off snogging random blokes on Celebrity Big brother. Not a good idea love.  Would you be able to forgive a family member for betraying you? Has your opinion of Ryan Giggs changed since the story broke?

that girl can't keep her hands to herself!

Natasha Giggs, also tried to get her hands on Kirk from TOWIE

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18 year old Cher Lloyd engaged to her hairdresser boyfriend Craig Monk!

| by Claire Murrey

They say things can move fast in the crazy world of pop music, and no one can testify to this more than pint-sized X-Factor pop star Cher Lloyd. A year ago, she was single and only beginning to make her name in the pop world. Now she’s famous world for her unique brand of squeaky teen pop, and apparently just got engaged to her hairdresser boyfriend Craig Monk, who she recently claimed is “the bees knees.” 18 year old Cher has been spotted wearing an engagement ring on her finger, and has been squawking about her engagement to all and sundry. So what do you think Gossip Bingo fans? Will young love last out, or is 18 too young to be making this type of commitment? Tell us below or in the Gossip Bingo chat rooms, we love a bit of celebrity goss!

cher lloyd xfactor craig monk

18 year old Cher is engaged to her boyfriend Craig Monk