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£2014 Mega Bingo Jackpot Winners!

| by Brooke Lawrence

We’re nearly a week in to 2014, and here at Gossip Bingo™ HQ we’re still celebrating! It looks like it’s going to be a lucky year for Gossip Bingo players, and our recent mega bingo jackpot winners will certainly agree!


Gossip Bingo™ would like to give a shout out of congratulations to our £2014 New Year’s Jackpot Winners! WTG, Catwoman133, luckylegs83, Jocky, LuckyJD, and IamLucky1206! (Like we said, roomies, apparently these players really were lucky, LOL)


2014 gossip bingo new years winners


There are loads more guaranteed cash prizes to be won all week long and all this month right here at Gossip Bingo, the hottest free bingo site for juicy celebrity gossip and the very best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games!


Tonight it’s Penny Sunday, where you can win a £200 guaranteed cash prize, all for just 1p per bingo card! Then pop in for a win tomorrow at Makeover Monday, where you can win £300 guaranteed for only 5p per bingo card.


If you’re looking for more guaranteed bingo jackpots at chirpy-cheap bingo prices, be sure to play Gossip Bingo’s™ Cheap & Cheerful bingo games daily, where bingo cards run as low as 3p each and the fixed jackpots are always guaranteed! There’s £300 worth of guaranteed jackpots to be won daily, so don’t miss out!


You can also play free bingo every day at Gossip Bingo in our free bingo rooms, where you can win real cash prizes from free bingo…that’s right, cash jackpots up for grabs at no cost to you!


Remember roomies, you can also play your favourite bingo, slots and instant games at Gossip Bingo™ on the go, 24/7! Play Gossip Bingo on your mobile and tablet and you’ll be winning no matter where you are!

Beer-itish Weekend at Gossip Bingo!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo™ is celebrating the upcoming beer festival with a thirst-quenching new promotion sure to get your mouth-watering!


It’s Beer-itish Weekend! Bingo on the beer bottle pattern in the Papparazzi and Share the Love rooms all weekend long until Sunday 12th August, and you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win one of five FREE cases of beer!


What’s more, we’re also giving you a stunning FREE 60% bingo bonus, or a 70% free bingo bonus if you’re a Gossip Bingo™ VIP player. Simply use code BEER once daily till Saturday to claim your free bingo bonuses!




Tonight is also the next Love Boat surprise bingo jackpot game, and tonight’s game offers up a £350 cash prize! Play the Love Boat jackpot games all month long to win up to £5,000 total!


Looking for more? Look no further, roomies, it’s Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, our 90 ball bingo game with a juicy £600 jackpot to be won! And there’s more fun in store tomorrow night for Finally it’s Friday, where you’ve got the chance to win a lovely £1,000 cash prize! We’ve got exciting special jackpot games daily, so be sure to check em’ out and see what’s playing!


You can also win loads of  guaranteed dosh this weekend in Weekend Wonga in the Access All Areas room, where there’s over £2,400 to be won every weekend! It’s the place to be every Wednesday-Saturday from 7pm-8pm, so be there to win your share!


Gossip Bingo has got loads of Jumping Jackpots too, which are guaranteed jackpot games at fab prices. There’s over £11,000 to be won every week, so stop by and play for awhile and you could be our next winner!

Get £20 Free + Spin the Wheel to Win up to £2,500!

| by Brooke Lawrence

We’ve got some more exciting freebies for you this weekend, roomies! But before we get into that, we here at Gossip Bingo™ want to address all those newbies out there, and maybe remind the rest of you why Gossip Bingo is the very best free bingo site out there!


Once you register at Gossip Bingo™ you get 4 days free bingo no deposit required! The fun continues with Gossip Bingo’s hot welcome bonus: Once you fund your first £10 you’ll get £20 free play, and that’s not all! You’ll also get a FREE spin on the wheel to win up to £2,500 extra dosh free! How’s that for a welcome?


You’ll also have access to even more free bingo rooms once you become a funded player, where there’s loads of cash to be won every day from free bingo games!


At Gossip Bingo™ we have daily bingo specials like Penny Sunday where you can win £200 cash for just 1p,  and Finally it’s Friday which boasts a £1,000 jackpot. And every weekend we pamper you with bonus codes and special games!




This weekend to celebrate the Beer Festival, you can win 1 of 5 FREE cases of beer when you bingo on the beer bottle pattern in the Papparazzi Playground and Share the Love bingo rooms! Bingo daily from tomorrow 7th August until 11th August for your chance to win.


What’s more, Gossip Bingo is also giving you a FREE 60% bingo bonus! Just use code BEER to claim your 60% free bonus (or 70% if you’re a Gossip Bingo VIP player), which you can use once daily till Sunday.


Talking of weekends, there’s loads of dosh to be won every weekend at Gossip Bingo™ during Weekend Wonga in the Access all Areas Room! You can win up to £2,400 from 7-8pm Wednesday to Saturday, every week!


Gossip Bingo™ has got both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games, plus slots, casino and instant win games too, so you’ll never be bored.  We’ve got over 120 games in total and we’re always adding more, so you’ll be sure to be having fun at your favourite games 24/7! Come join us and see what all the chatter is about!

Baby Boom! Celebrate the New Prince at Gossip Bingo!

| by Brooke Lawrence

We here at Gossip Bingo™ are simply overjoyed at the birth of the newest Royal, Kate and Will’s little prince! And we’re celebrating by giving you extra rewards this week…just take a look at what we have in store for you!


From tomorrow through 27th July we’re pampering you with 10% cash back on all your non winning bingo and slots wagers. That means even if you don’t win on bingo or slots, you won’t really lose either!


What’s more, Gossip Bingo is  giving you a whopping 100% FREE bingo bonus, which you can use through 31st July. Even better, you can use the free bonus code up to 3 TIMES, which means you could get up to 300% in fabulous free bingo bonuses! Just use code BABY to claim your bonus.




But you don’t have to wait till tomorrow to start getting the royal treatment! Be sure to play  Tinseltown Tuesday tonight at 8:30pm for your chance to win the £400 cash jackpot, and all for just 10p! There’s £600 up for grabs in tomorrow night’s 90 ball bingo game Wannabee Wednesday, so you have even more cash to win.



And since you can start using your 100% free bingo bonus and you’ll get 10% cash back on all slots and bingo losses, you’ve got loads of chances to win huge pots of cash!


Don’t forget to check out Gossip Bingo’s Jumping Jackpot games, where there’s over 50 guaranteed bingo jackpots to be won daily! Just be sure to be in the room at least 5 minutes before each game, and you could be taking home £11,000 every week!


So start  celebrating the newest addition to the Royal Family by getting by getting pampered like a monarch at the hottest bingo site online, Gossip Bingo™!


Win Bonuses & Cash Prizes all Week Long!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s been a sizzling hot summer so far here at Gossip Bingo™, and we’re not just talking about the weather! We mean the hot cash jackpots, fab bonuses and other sizzling surprises!


Last Thursday Gossip Bingo had our very first Love Boat cash jackpot game, with a £600 cash jackpot up for grabs! This week our new surprise jackpot is worth £400, and as with every Love Boat game  there will be 5 lucky winners!


Did you know that at Gossip Bingo™ you can win free hourly bonuses every day between 4pm and midnight?



It’s true, and it’s extra bingo cash for you, so be sure to play your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games between 4pm and midnight for your chance to win EXTRA FREE  bonuses every hour!




Plus, you get 50% redeposit bonuses for life, so at Gossip Bingo you’ll always be rewarded. And talking of rewards, remember you can play fabulous free bingo 24/7 right here! We have free bingo for both new and funded players in our daily free bingo rooms. 



Gossip Bingo™ has also got super cheap bingo and 1p bingo games, like tonight’s Penny Sunday, where you can win £400 cold hard cash for just 1p per bingo card!


This 75 ball bingo game plays at 8:30pm tonight, so be there for your chance to take home the jackpot!


We’ve also got loads of fab 90 ball bingo games playing all week long, Like Makeover Monday, Tinseltown Tuesday, Wannabee Wednesday, and Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, where you can win a combined total of £1,800!


You can also win £1,000 every Friday on Finally it’s Friday. Gossip Bingo’s 90 ball jackpot game. 


So come play at Gossip Bingo™ this week to win loads of cash prizes, plus free bonuses and win even more Gossip Bingo points when you play our weekly Kachinga! bonus coin drop game, where you could take home up to 1,000,0000 guaranteed GP’s every week!

Win £3,000,000 on Super Millionaire this Weekend!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s finally here, roomies! After months of planning, Gossip Bingo™ is proud to announce that the £3,000,000 Super Millionaire will play this weekend, Saturday at 9:30pm!


This 75 ball mega bingo jackpot game is one of Gossip Bingo’s most popular mega bingo jackpots, and with a £3,000,000 cash prize (£3,000 guaranteed) it’s no wonder both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo players love Super Millionaire!


What’s more, in celebration of this mega bingo jackpot we’re giving all  Gossip Bingo™ players  a FREE bingo bonus, which can be used once daily every day until the 13th July.





Just use free promo code SUPER for your 65% free bingo bonus (75% for Gossip Bingo VIP players) Since the free bonus code can be used up to 4 times, that means you could get a whopping 260% worth of bingo bonuses, or 300% worth of free bingo bonuses if you’re a VIP player!


In keeping with all things luxury, do you have a dream holiday in mind? At Gossip Bingo™, we’re giving you the chance to fund your dream holiday by winning £100 travel vouchers!


Email us your dream destination and we’ll post a pic of you and your dream holiday on the Gossip Bingo Facebook page. Get your family and friends to like your pic and you could win £100 in travel vouchers! Visit the Gossip Bingo Facebook page for more info.


Let’s not forget Gossip Bingo’s™ fab weekend bingo promotions, like Weekend Wonga, where you can win £50 guaranteed bingo jackpots at every game whilst you play fun Karaoke chat games! Weekend Wonga plays in Access All Areas from Wednesday till Saturday from 7pm-8pm, and there’s £2,400 up for grabs every weekend!


Play Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, Finally it’s Friday and Soapstar Saturday this weekend for your chance to scoop up another £2,200 in real cash jackpots!


Hats off at Gossip Bingo Starts Tomorrow…Free Bonuses & More!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Here at Gossip Bingo™ we’re getting ready for Royal Ascot Weekend in typical posh bingo fashion: by pampering our players with loads of gorgeous goodies!


Starting tomorrow we’re giving all Gossip Bingo players a FREE 60% bingo bonus (70% for Gossip Bingo VIPs)  using bonus code HAT which can be used once daily until Saturday 22nd June!



What’s more, we’re giving away thousands of Gossip Bingo loyalty points. All 1TG players who bingo on the Top Hat pattern in Share the Love will share a pot of 5000 Gossip Points!  


And all 2TG players who bingo on the horse pattern in the 75 ball bingo room Papparazi Playground will share in 5,000 Gossip loyalty points too! That means you could win a total of 10,000 GPs, which can be traded in for real bingo cash!


Tonight is Tinseltown Tuesday, where you can win £400 real cash at 90 ball bingo. Bingo cards to this hot game are just 10p each, so be sure to nab yours now to take home the prize!


Win even more cash tomorrow when you play Wannabee Wednesday, with a £500 jackpot up for grabs! And don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Super Millionaire, Gossip Bingo’s 75 ball mega bingo game boasting a £3,000,000 cash jackpot! 


Remember, roomies, you can play free bingo daily in Gossip Bingo’s™ free bingo rooms. There’s Talk is Cheap, The Daily Freebie and the VIP Room where Gossip Bingo VIP players can play even more free bingo. There’s loads of cash prizes to be won at no cost to you, so come play free bingo 24/7 at Gossip Bingo™!


Win a £2,500 Bingo Jackpot Tonight!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s the last day of the month, roomies (how time flies…seems like only yesterday it was Christmas)! That also means tonight is our gorgeous £2,500 Celebrity Makeover Mega Bingo Jackpot! Have you nabbed your tickets yet? Better hurry, the game plays tonight at 9pm!

It’s 2013…time for a new you! What better way to end the first month of the new year with £2,500 worth of lovely makeover prizes? That’s what Gossip Bingo’s Swedish bingo game Celebrity Makeover is all about.

Featuring 5 luxury makeover packages, which includes a personal shopping trip with a stylist, a professional makeover (with photo shoot!) and House of Fraser shopping vouchers, this is one gorgeous bingo jackpot win you don’t want to miss out on!

Game plays tonight at 9pm sharp, so get going and get your tickets at just 25p, while all the goodies are up for grabs!

Plus, there’s even more to win after the game ends from 10pm in the After Party bingo game, which starts right after Celebrity Makeover ends in the very same room. There are guaranteed £100 jackpots to be won at each game till 11 pm!

Talking of makeovers, looks like fallen star Lindsay Lohan could use one. The troubled starlet looked a bit knackered in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday.

The actress faces charges of reckless driving, lying to the police and obstructing a police investigation during her June 2012 car accident. Lohan pleaded not guilty to all charges, and a trial date has been set for 18th March.

Lohan looks far older than her 26 years. Gossip Bingo thinks she could use the Celebrity Makeover Jackpot!

Maybe she should try her hand at this Swedish bingo game to win the Celebrity Makover jackpot…we think she could really benefit from that £2,500 in makeover vouchers!

What do you say, Lilo…come join Gossip Bingo tonight!






Gossip Bingo’s Daily Dozen!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s Daily Dozen at Gossip Bingo! You know what that means – over £750 in juicy jackpots to be won daily, every hour, on the hour from 12 noon to 11pm. That’s a dozen chances for you to win fab cash prizes every single day (every hour, roomies!!) There’s £5,500 daily dozen goodies to be won weekly. Six of one, half dozen of the other…whatever way you say it, that means huge wins for you!

Here’s a juicy bit of gossip that has us seeing double:

It’s almost February roomies. Is love in the air? Not so much for country superstar Taylor Swift and her latest casualty, One Direction’s golden boy Harry Styles. The couple called it quits last month, but its anyone’s guess who dumped who.

The pair crossed paths on Saturday night at the NRJ Music Awards in France on Saturday night. One Direction gave a smashing performance – Harry especially was on pointe, determined not to stumble whilst his ex, Swift, sat watching in the audience. One direction also picked up an award for Best International Group. Take that, Taylor!

Taylor Swift at the NRJ awards on Saturday, posing for the cameras. Is she searching the scene for lost love Styles?

Some reports say Styles dumped Swift because she “wouldn’t shut up about how much she loved antiquing,” while other reports mark Swift as the heartbreaker, stating she gabbed to gal pals that Styles “kissed like a snail.” Ouch!

But then why were the two spotted canoodling on Saturday morning? Turns out they weren’t….but their look-a-likes were! Teen Jacob Skelton is already an internet sensation for his uncanny resemblance to the One Direction Wonder Harry Styles, and Skelton’s partner-in-crime certainly bears a resemblance to Taylor Swift (We think it’ the bangs, mostly).

The Real Deal: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in happier times, left. At right: Pretty imposters Taylor Swift Lookalike and Styles doppleganger Jacob Skelhorn.


What do you think, Roomies? Do these two imposters look like the formerly darling (though short-lived) duo?

Doubles are always good, which is why we’re going gaga (again) every hour with our Daily Dozen promo. Remember, roomies, these tickets can’t be pre-bought, so be sure to nab them up at least 5 minutes before each game starts. Tickets run as low as 5p per card, so it’s definitely worth a look. Good luck to you!


Get a £2,500 Gorgeous Jackpot on Celebrity Makevoer!

| by Claire Murrey

Guess what, Roomies? I got a feelin’…that 2013’s gonna be a year of gorgeous surprises…starting now!


It’s the new year…time for a new you! What better way to bring in 2013 with a gorgoeous makeover bingo jackpot? Get it here on Gossip Bingo’s Celebrity Makeover, the Swedish bingo game with beautiful rewards. There’s £2,500 worth of luxury makeover prizes to be won!



From 6th January, tickets for our Celebrity Makeover are officially up for prebuy at just 25p ticket! This Swedish bingo jackpot game has a 5 fab luxury makeover prizes, including  a House of Fraser personal shopping trip with a stylist, House of Fraser shopping vouchers and a fashion makeover with photo shoot. The best bit is, you can score FREE tickets to this Swedish bingo makeover game for every £20 you deposit!


Celebrity Makeover plays 31st January at 9pm, and the goodies continue after the game ends. Get invited to the exclusive After Party bingo game playing in the same room. There’s guaranteed £100 cash jackpots to be won at every game until 10pm!

So what are you waiting for? Prebuy your tickets now to make 2013 the most stunning year yet!