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Sing for Joy, it’s Weekend Wonga!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Weekend Wonga starts today roomies – that’s right, it’s the best bingo weekend promo in town starting this evening, from Thursday to Saturday, 7-8pm you’ve got the chance to win loads of dosh...and have fun in our amazing chat games!

There’s £100 jackpots to be won at each game, totaling up to a whopping £3,000 over the whole weekend! What’s more, we’ve got fun Karaoke chat games for you to play. So you’ll be singing while you win cold hard bingo cash jackpots. With so much singing and fun bingo play, you’ll definitely be in the mood to party all weekend long!

Maybe you can practice up your karaoke a bit to sing some of Taylor Swift’s hot new single “I knew you were trouble,” which is reportedly about old flame and One Direction singer Harry Styles. Ms. Swift made quite an impression last night at the Brit Awards, where she put on a show-stopping performance that included her stripping down to a hot little playsuit. Not so innocent anymore, eh, Taylor? Looks like a few breakups have caused Taylor to shed her squeaky clean, girl-next-door image!

Maybe Taylor should head over to Weekend Wonga and beat Harry Styles at bingo too? That’ll show him!

Gossip Bingo’s Daily Dozen!

| by Brooke Lawrence

It’s Daily Dozen at Gossip Bingo! You know what that means – over £750 in juicy jackpots to be won daily, every hour, on the hour from 12 noon to 11pm. That’s a dozen chances for you to win fab cash prizes every single day (every hour, roomies!!) There’s £5,500 daily dozen goodies to be won weekly. Six of one, half dozen of the other…whatever way you say it, that means huge wins for you!

Here’s a juicy bit of gossip that has us seeing double:

It’s almost February roomies. Is love in the air? Not so much for country superstar Taylor Swift and her latest casualty, One Direction’s golden boy Harry Styles. The couple called it quits last month, but its anyone’s guess who dumped who.

The pair crossed paths on Saturday night at the NRJ Music Awards in France on Saturday night. One Direction gave a smashing performance – Harry especially was on pointe, determined not to stumble whilst his ex, Swift, sat watching in the audience. One direction also picked up an award for Best International Group. Take that, Taylor!

Taylor Swift at the NRJ awards on Saturday, posing for the cameras. Is she searching the scene for lost love Styles?

Some reports say Styles dumped Swift because she “wouldn’t shut up about how much she loved antiquing,” while other reports mark Swift as the heartbreaker, stating she gabbed to gal pals that Styles “kissed like a snail.” Ouch!

But then why were the two spotted canoodling on Saturday morning? Turns out they weren’t….but their look-a-likes were! Teen Jacob Skelton is already an internet sensation for his uncanny resemblance to the One Direction Wonder Harry Styles, and Skelton’s partner-in-crime certainly bears a resemblance to Taylor Swift (We think it’ the bangs, mostly).

The Real Deal: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in happier times, left. At right: Pretty imposters Taylor Swift Lookalike and Styles doppleganger Jacob Skelhorn.


What do you think, Roomies? Do these two imposters look like the formerly darling (though short-lived) duo?

Doubles are always good, which is why we’re going gaga (again) every hour with our Daily Dozen promo. Remember, roomies, these tickets can’t be pre-bought, so be sure to nab them up at least 5 minutes before each game starts. Tickets run as low as 5p per card, so it’s definitely worth a look. Good luck to you!