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Watch out Simon Cowell! Gary Barlow will tell-all about you in his book!

| by Claire Murrey

Watch out roomies there’s going to be a cat fight between Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow! First X Factor producer Cowell slates X Factor judge Barlow in his tell-all book for being “too scripted” and should be sacked, and now Barlow will have a few choice words to say about the mean TV mogul in his own tell-all book! Bet you he’s got a lot to say about Cowell -should make a good read roomies!

Cat fight between Cowell and Barlow!

Watch out Cowell; Barlow will tell-all about you!

Will one of Barlow’s finalists be the next X Factor? Keep watching to find out! Watch the X Factor every Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 8pm on ITV1.

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X Factor judge Kelly Roland dumped for Danni Minogue!

| by Claire Murrey

Aww it looks like Kelly Roland won’t be a judge on the next X Factor!  It’s a bit of he said she said at the moment!  She’s claiming she quit due to the job’s ‘increasing demands’ while insiders say X Factor boss Simon Cowell doesn’t feel she connects with viewers.  Could it be he just misses Danni Minogue and wants her back…maybe he secretly wants to rekindle a bit of romance with the Aussie star??

Gossip Bingo will miss Kelly Roland on X Factor

Kelly gets the chop!

Cowell confessed to having an affair with Danni in “The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” by Tom Bower.  He thinks having Danni back will boost X Factor interest..we’re curious to know if Cowell and Danni will get back together!

Minogue back on X Factor! Gossip Bingo hoping for  Cowell and Minogue to rekindle the romance!

Simon and Danni back together…on X Factor

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The Voice vs Britain’s Got Talent battle of the ratings has begun!

| by Claire Murrey

It’s going to be an exciting Saturday night as ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent goes head with BBC’s The Voice, the brand new talent show that’s taken America by storm!  So who has the upper hand in the ratings war?

The Voice gets Gossip Bingo's vote!

The Voice and BGT battle it out

On BGT we will no doubt see a mix of bizarre and wonderful British hopefuls perform their special “talents” for our entertainment, praying Simon Cowell will go easy on them! Whilst on The Voice, only the truly talented will sing before four hugely successful figures in the music industry: Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, Will.I.Am and Dany O’Donoghue in the hopes of being coached by their favourite artist through the remaining stages until someone is crowned as “The Voice”.

Tell us which show gets your vote!

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