Watch out Simon Cowell! Gary Barlow will tell-all about you in his book!

| by Claire Murrey

Watch out roomies there’s going to be a cat fight between Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow! First X Factor producer Cowell slates X Factor judge Barlow in his tell-all book for being “too scripted” and should be sacked, and now Barlow will have a few choice words to say about the mean TV mogul in his own tell-all book! Bet you he’s got a lot to say about Cowell -should make a good read roomies!

Cat fight between Cowell and Barlow!

Watch out Cowell; Barlow will tell-all about you!

Will one of Barlow’s finalists be the next X Factor? Keep watching to find out! Watch the X Factor every Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 8pm on ITV1.

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