X Factor scandal: Was Louis decision to go to deadlock a fix?

| by Claire Murrey

We’re still in shock with X Factor judge Louis Walsh for changing his mind about saving Carolynne Poole and sending the choice between her and Rylan Clark to deadlock! So the question everyone is asking is….was it a fix?? We all saw X Factor producer Richard Holloway go up to Louis before his decision, did he really want to influence his decision??

Well Holloway insists it wasn’t a fix and that he always talks to the judges throughout the programme.  Walsh tries to explain his big oops moment by saying: ‘I was torn. I think Rylan’s a great entertainer and Carolynne’s a great singer.’  The poor bloke was definitely feeling the pressure to make his mind up -hope he can sleep at night with his decision!

Was Louis decision a fix?

Did X Factor producer Richard Holloway tell Walsh how to vote?

So the answer to our question roomies is no, Walsh’s decision to send the vote to deadlock was not a fix! Well glad we’ve got that one clear!

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