Addicted to shopping?? A pill designed to treat Alzheimer’s could cure all you shopaholics!

| by Claire Murrey

It’s hard to walk past a shop window without looking inside to see what’s new and could look great on you, but what if looking isn’t enough?? Feel the need to buy that pretty dress which would look fab with your new shoes, or how about a new outfit for work even though it’s slightly too expensive?? Don’t worry all you female shopaholics out there; believe it or not men are just as likely to suffer from compulsive shopping as you are!

Can shopalholics be treated?  Gossip Bingo investigates!

Is your shopping out of control?

So to all you men and women out there who love to ‘shop till you drop‘, psychiatrists are currently testing a drug used to treat Alzheimer’s which could reduce the amount of time and money spent on shopping! Would you consider medication to kick your shopping habits? Let us know your thoughts!

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