Can Lance Armstrong Make A Comeback?

| by Brooke Lawrence

Had a rough 2012? Think about Lance Armstrong – that’ll put things in perspective, roomies! It’s been a realllly rough coupula months for the former billion-dollar athlete.

In the 3-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey last week, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong finally came clean about doping – drug use while competing in professional athletic events like the Tour de France.


Lance Armstrong, in happier times (left) and in his interview with Oprah last week (right)


The USADA and WADA have put a lifetime ban on Armstrong after the agencies revealed the truth about the athlete’s use of drugs for over a decade in order to improve his performance in competitions. Armstrong previously denied using performance-enhancing drugs and said he finally came clean because he could no longer lie to his children.

His credibility shot, Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and was forced to step down as chairman of the LiveStrong foundation. He would like to compete in future athletic events such as marathons, but right now, officials say, Armstrong doens’t have much of a chance.

But Armstrong may be able to make a comeback if he discloses all information about his doping, including who supplied him with the drugs in the past. Poor Lance!

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