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| by Brooke Lawrence

Wimbledon is off to a rocky start, roomies, with so many of the big-name players already out of the game, like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova! There’s been a lot of injuries this year, and we here at Gossip Bingo™ are hoping things will smooth out in the end.

Of course, it’s all good news here at Gossip Bingo, because in honour of Wimbledon we’re giving all our funded players a FREE 60% bingo bonus using bonus code BALL that can be used once daily from Wednesday till Saturday (Gossip Bingo VIP players get a 70% free bingo bonus). 


That means you could get a total of 240%  in bingo bonuses, or a 280% bingo bonus if you’re a VIP player!

Plus you can now prebuy bingo cards to the £1,000 Grand Slam Bingo Jackpot on 6th July!




What’s more, tonight is Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, Gossip Bingo’s™ £600 jackpot game! This 90 ball bingo game has got a guaranteed bingo jackpot, so play now  for your chance to win!


Tomorrow is Finally it’s Friday, our 90 ball bingo jackpot game with a lovely £1,000 cash prize! Plus, Saturday we have another £600 jackpot up for grabs in Soapstar Saturday.


Want more guaranteed bingo jackpots? Then head to Weekend Wonga, where you can win £100 cash between 7-8pm in the Access All Areas Room, all weekend long! There’s £3,000 to be won total, so be sure to play for your weekend wonga!


Finally on Sunday the next Supersize Your Chance to Win prebuy bingo game will be playing on Sunday at 10pm. This 90 ball bingo prebuy game gives players the chance to win FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire, Gossip Bingo’s™ £3,000,000 mega bingo jackpot!


Super Millionaire plays 13th July at 9:30 and you can prebuy bingo cards for £1 each, or win FREE bingo cards during the prebuy games, which cost just 1p per bingo card. That means you could win millions for spending just pennies on penny bingo games!


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