Gossip Bingo breaking entertainment news:Gangnam style is out, Harlem Shake is in!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, Gossip Bingo brings you the latest entertainment news…Gangnam style is out, the Harlem Shake is in! Harlem shake you say, never heard of it??? Maybe not until now my lovely roomies but soon you’ll be doing your very own shake! Basically it involves one person doing a crazy dance in front of people without them paying any attention for 15 seconds and then everyone around him join in the madness!  They’re all masked and wearing funny costumes while they’re dancing like eeeer crazy people! Even celebrities like Kendall and Kyle Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s sisters) are in on the act with American Idol presenter and radio DJ Ryan Seacrest! Check it out for yourselves here:

It all started out with a group of teenage boys doing a video in Australia which caught world-wide attention, and now loads of people are copying their vid -wonder if Gangnam has danced the Harlem Shake!  Gossip Bingo is planning to make our very own vid – hope I don’t need to be coordinated when I dance cos i’ve got two left feet!

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