Harper Beckham celebrates her first Easter with Michelin Star chocolate eggs!

| by Claire Murrey

Whilst most of us were roaming the aisles of the supermarkets looking for the tastiest chocolate eggs at the cheapest price, 9 month Harper Beckham tucks in to some Michelin Star goodies –Gordon Ramsey style! The Beckham’s celebrated Easter with Ramsey and his family in Napa Valley, California.  What better way to spend Easter than with a world renowned chef who happens to be really lovely when he’s not at work shouting at people!

Gossip Bingo waiting for Gordon Ramsey's Easter invite

Gordon won’t keep his guests hungry!


Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham tweeted a selection of her Easter cupcakes – not bad Victoria, bet Gordon was impressed!

Send some cupcakes to Gossip Bigo Victoria!

Victoria’s yummy Easter cupcakes

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