Ryan Giggs get’s dissed by his brother, BIG TIME!

| by Claire Murrey

Ryan Giggs, 38, might be a great footballer but his younger brother Rhodri, 34 clearly doesn’t rate him for having an 8 year affair with Rhodri’s wife Natasha.  Last night poor Rhodri, who has kept to himself about his brother’s affair with his wife until now, last night revealed for the first time how he felt about his bro, saying “the man is nothing but a worm.” Don’t hold back now mate!

ryan giggs rhodri giggs

Ryan Giggs- not such a nice Celebrity Big Brother!

Meanwhile his wife Natasha, who claimed she was desperate for his forgiveness, is off snogging random blokes on Celebrity Big brother. Not a good idea love.  Would you be able to forgive a family member for betraying you? Has your opinion of Ryan Giggs changed since the story broke?

that girl can't keep her hands to herself!

Natasha Giggs, also tried to get her hands on Kirk from TOWIE

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