Super Millionaire is Back: £3 Million Jackpot to Be Won!

| by Brooke Lawrence

What a way to start the month….Super Millionaire is back at Gossip Bingo!! This £3,000,000 mega bingo jackpot game has returned to the #1 bingo celebrity hotspot.

Tickets to the 75-ball bingo game are now up for prebuy at £1 per bingo card, and the game plays 2nd March. Some lucky player is going to be a millionaire come March! But it gets even better, roomies, if you can believe it!

You can supersize your chances of winning big at Super Millionaire! Win free tickets to Super Millionaire during 3 different prebuy games.  Mark these dates on your calendar:

11th February

18th February

25th February

….all three 90-ball bingo games are happening at 10pm in the special prebuy rooms, and tickets are just 1p each. The prize? Up to 12 FREE tickets to the Super Millioniare mega bingo jackpot. Just think, roomies…for a few 1p tickets you could end up winning the £3 million jackpot!

Meanwhile, it’s also Penny Sunday at Gossip Bingo, our famed 75 ball bingo game, with dirt-cheap tickets just 1p apiece, everyone can afford to have a go at the £200 fixed jackpot! Games plays in the Penny Sunday room at 8:30pm. See you there!

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