Supersize Your Chance to Win £3,000,000!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Gossip Bingo’s Birthday is over, but we’re ready to welcome in another huge mega bingo jackpot…Super Millionaire!


That’s right roomies, Super Millionaire is back at Gossip Bingo™! This 75 ball mega bingo jackpot offers up a staggering £3,000,000 jackpot! Game plays 13th July at 9:30pm, so we’ll see you there!




Super Millionaire bingo cards are £1 and you can buy yours now, and you can also win FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire in Gossip Bingo’s™ Supersize your Chance to win games!


Supersize Your Chance to Win are a series of 90 ball bingo prebuy games. Bingo cards to these bingo prebuys are just 1p each, and the winners receive FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire!


Supersize Your Chance to Win plays 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June and 7th July at 10pm. You can win up to 12 FREE bingo cards to Super Millionaire at each game! So get your bingo cards now to Supersize YOUR Chance to win £3,000,000!


What’s more, Gossip Bingo is giving all funded players a FREE bingo bonus this weekend! Just use code MIL to get a free 60% bingo bonus (70% for VIPs) to be used once daily through Sunday!


Remember roomies, tonight is Kiss N’ Tell Thursday, where you can win £600 cash at 90 ball bingo! Want more? Play Finally It’s Friday to win a whopping £1,000 bingo jackpot!



Then play Soapstar Saturday to nab another cool £600 from 90 ball bingo, followed by some 1p bingo fun with Penny Sunday. With so much cash to be won, you can play fab bingo at Gossip Bingo™ through the whole weekend!


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