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Gossip Bingo brings you top Las Vagas casino games to your living room!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, got that Monday feeling?  Yes going back to work after the weekend can be a drag, I’m sure your minds are wondering off to somewhere far far away…Las Vegas perhaps? The Bright lights,  drive-through weddings, high paying casino and slot games and luxurious hotels….ahh yes I’m day dreaming as well! Well why travel thousands of miles when you can play all your favourite online casino games from the comfort of your own home! Gossip Bingo caters to all your needs roomies:) We’ve got a thrilling variety of casino games including free casino games!

Play online casino games in your living room with Gossip Bingo

Roulette Deluxe

Take a spin on the roulette wheel or see if you have the upper hand in a blackjack game and you can even play poker online for free if you want to practice first!

Whichever casino games entice you, just remember at Gossip Bingo you can play them all without having to find your passport and pack your suitcase!

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WTG Andrea on winning £3,739 real cash spinning Shaman’s Dream slots!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, we’re always really chuffed when a roomie wins so we’re gonna do a Will.i.am and Britney Spears and scream and shout and let it all out for Andrea on winning a whopping £3,739 real cash playing Shaman’s Dream Slots.  Her dreams came true when she saw the cash balance flashed on her screen! Here’s what our lovely Andrea had to say,

“I was so shocked when I won the mini jackpot had been won and I thought oh well a few more goes and then it flashed all over my screen the mega jackpot! I was so happy I am spending the money on a new driveway so this win is so brill!
I love gossip so friendly and great jackpots the best!”

wtg for Andrea winning piles of cash at Gossip Bingo

WTG Andrea!

Stunning picture Andrea!!  Andrea is just one of Gossip Bingo’s many online slots winners -yay! This week’s big winner was Kalebdark winning a super huge £5,611.00 playing Blankety Blank slots game!! Oh woweee that’s a huge chunk of change…hey if you need help spending it feel free to call Claire Murrey at Gossip Bingo -lol!

Andrea was such a champ she took part in our winners promotion we’ve given her a £50 Amazon gift card and a yummy chocolate hamper.  If you’ve had a big instant games win recently and would like to take part in our winner’s promotion email community@gossipbingo.com

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Gossip Bingo breaking entertainment news:Gangnam style is out, Harlem Shake is in!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, Gossip Bingo brings you the latest entertainment news…Gangnam style is out, the Harlem Shake is in! Harlem shake you say, never heard of it??? Maybe not until now my lovely roomies but soon you’ll be doing your very own shake! Basically it involves one person doing a crazy dance in front of people without them paying any attention for 15 seconds and then everyone around him join in the madness!  They’re all masked and wearing funny costumes while they’re dancing like eeeer crazy people! Even celebrities like Kendall and Kyle Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s sisters) are in on the act with American Idol presenter and radio DJ Ryan Seacrest! Check it out for yourselves here:

It all started out with a group of teenage boys doing a video in Australia which caught world-wide attention, and now loads of people are copying their vid -wonder if Gangnam has danced the Harlem Shake!  Gossip Bingo is planning to make our very own vid – hope I don’t need to be coordinated when I dance cos i’ve got two left feet!

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WTG Gossip Bingo winners!!!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, got some amazing news to share with you!  In just a week we’ve had some big big instant games winners -wahooooooooo!!! Drum roll please to Gossip Bingo’s top 3 winners!!! In first place say congrats to andreajust77 on winning £3,739 playing Shaman’s Dream slots!!! rich123 came in a close 2nd winning £3,667 on Bejweled 2 online slots!!! And a big congrats to fab1953 who won £3,030 spinning Bejeweled slots!!!!

WD to our instant games winners!

Congrats winners!

Yay we love it when our roomies win! Want to be the next big winner?  Check out Gossip Bingo‘s huge variety of slots and instant games -loads of fun, great bonus rounds and big jackpots to be won!

If bingo is more your thing we’ve got over £5,500 each week in The Daily Dozen‘s fixed jackpots to nab -Ka ching! Don’t miss out on our daily mega bingo jackpots with guaranteed jackpots ranging from £200 – £1,000 -wowzers! Plus freebingo games to play… yes that’s right, free bingo games with real cash prizes -niiiiiiice!Oh and how could I forget The Big 5 monthly jackpot game with 5K up for grabs and a whopping £2,000 GUARANTEED!

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WTG to Gossip Bingo roomie Kathy Guiver on winning £1,000!!!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi everyone, great news to share! 2013 started off fantastic for many of our fab roomies, especially for Kathy Guiver who won full house playing the £2013 New Years bingo jackpot game and took home a whopping £1,000!! Yay WTG Kathy!! Here’s what Kathy had to say about her amazing win: “I was so thrilled to win, it has made a brilliant start to 2013. I had actually forgotten I’d bought tickets until I woke up the next morning and thought I’d have a quick play on the fluffy favourite slots. Thankyou very much gossip bingo you are the best.”

Exciting news for our Gossip Bingo winner Kathy Guiver

Awww thanks Kathy! lol roomies maybe the secret to winning is to forget you bought your bingo cards! You should try that for the Finally it’s Friday £1,000 GUARANTEED jackpot game this Friday at 8pm and let us know if you won! Now that would be a terrific surprise!

WTG Kathy, here’s to many more wins at Gossip Bingo!

Had a big win lately?  Share your story with us, get a cool Gossip Bingo novelty cheque, Amazon gift voucher and some yummy luxury chocolates! Send your story and picture to community@gossipbingo.com and we’ll also put you in our gossiplicious bingo blog!

Goooood luck,

Claire x

Get your skates on Pam! Why did Pamela Anderson really get voted off Dancing on Ice?

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, are you already obsessed with Dancing on Ice like we are at Gossip Bingo??  I tell you…we can’t play a game of bingo without having a natter about it, and poor Pamela Anderson is definitely a hot topic of conversation at the mo! The 45 year-old Baywatch beauty was the first to be sent packing -ouch, never fun to be the first to go! So why does Pamela Anderson think she got voted off?? Well she’s blaming it on her wardrobe malfunction -oopsy!

Gossip Bingo sad to see Pamela Anderson kicked off Dancing on Ice

Pamela Anderson found it difficult keeping her clothes on during her performance!


When asked if she’d ever go on a reality show again the Hollywood starlet said noooooo way! Reality shows just ain’t for her! So what’s next for the blonde bombshell?? Maybe she should relax at home and play a spot of freebingo games with Gossip Bingo!! And i’m sure she’d love to win the Celebrity Makeover prize jackpot game!

If you’d also like to win a glamerous makeover prebuy your Celebrity Makeover cards to be in with a chance to win! Plays Jan 31st @ 9pm!!

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WTG New Year’s jackpot winners!

| by Claire Murrey

Hi roomies, this time last night we were all getting excited to play the £2013 New Year’s jackpot game! Bingo tickets were getting snapped up right until the last minute for this 90 ball bingo game, and the Gossip Bingo team had a bottle of champagne out to celebrate the winners!  At 10pm on the dot we all counted down for the jackpot game to begin and then the numbers rolled out…

WTG to Gossip Bingo's New Year's jakpot winners!A big congrats to the following 3 lucky roomies:

1L went to isabelle15 winning £263.00

2L went to ktbooo83 winning £750

And finally ellasmum took home the massive FH £1,000 cash prize!!! Yay! WD winners…. happy spending!

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