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Angelina Jolie talks about wanting more babies!

| by Claire Murrey

In her latest interview with OK magazine, mother of six Angelina Jolie and partner of the uber-gorgeous Brad Pitt has admitted that she would like to go down the baby path again.  When asked if she had finished added to her clan Jolie coyly replied, “‘Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don’t know. I could end up pregnant.”

Are Angelina and Brad thinking about adding to their brood?

More mini Pitt-Jolies on the way??

Jolie also spoke about the prospect of finally becoming the official Mrs Brad Pitt (jealous, much!) claiming that her kids would like it, as it would offer more stability, leaving us to wonder if the wedding bells will start ringing soon. Love celebrity gossip? Head over to Gossip Bingo for more of the latest and greatest celebrity news, great chat and amazing bingo games!