Win FREE Bingo cards to £3,000,000 Super Millionaire!

| by Brooke Lawrence

Ahhhh the weekend! How we love Sundays here at Gossip Bingo™!


On top of being Father’s Day, it’s Penny Sunday here at Gossip Bingo HQ which means you can win guaranteed bingo jackpots for just 1p per bingo card. There’s £400 guaranteed cash prize up for grabs from this cheap 75 ball bingo game, and it’s one of the reasons we love Sundays!


Another reason to love Sundays is tonight’s Supersize Your Chance to Win prebuy bingo game! Tonight you’ve got the chance to win FREE bingo cards to Gossip Bingo’s 75 ball mega bingo jackpot, Super Millionaire!


Super Millionaire boasts a £3,000,000 cash jackpot! This 75 ball bingo game plays 13th July at 9:30 pm, but until then you can increase your chances of taking home the prize by playing the Supersize your Chance to Win 90 ball bingo prebuy games. Tickets to Supersize your Chance to Win are just 1p per bingo card, and the first prebuy game plays tonight at 10pm!


1 line winners nab 2 free bingo cards, 2 line winners get 4 free bingo cards and full house winners walk away with 6 free bingo cards!


What’s more, at Gossip Bingo™ we have a new promotion, our Lazy Sun Day Bingo. Love being lazy? love Sun? Love Bingo? Well, we’ve joined all three of our favourite pastimes into Lazy Sun Day Bingo, to give you the chance to win a whopping 5,000 loyalty points!


What do you get up to on Sundays, roomies? Are you having a chat with friends, cooking, shopping, or maybe soaking up some sun, or playing bingo games? Send us a picture of your perfect Sunday and you could win this 5,000 Gossip point pot!


GP’s can be traded in for real bingo cash so you can keep on playing your favourite 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games 24/7!


Now for some hot Gossip Bingo™ news: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now officially parents! Kim K. has just given birth to her baby girl last night, one month before she was due in July. Although the baby is 5 weeks premature she is healthy and is said to have dark hair just like her mother. To Kim and Kanye we here at Gossip Bingo HQ would just like to say Congrats on your little “Kimyeby!” 

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