X Factor judge Kelly Roland dumped for Danni Minogue!

| by Claire Murrey

Aww it looks like Kelly Roland won’t be a judge on the next X Factor!  It’s a bit of he said she said at the moment!  She’s claiming she quit due to the job’s ‘increasing demands’ while insiders say X Factor boss Simon Cowell doesn’t feel she connects with viewers.  Could it be he just misses Danni Minogue and wants her back…maybe he secretly wants to rekindle a bit of romance with the Aussie star??

Gossip Bingo will miss Kelly Roland on X Factor

Kelly gets the chop!

Cowell confessed to having an affair with Danni in “The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” by Tom Bower.  He thinks having Danni back will boost X Factor interest..we’re curious to know if Cowell and Danni will get back together!

Minogue back on X Factor! Gossip Bingo hoping for  Cowell and Minogue to rekindle the romance!

Simon and Danni back together…on X Factor

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